From the trenches of the first drug wars to the nightclubs of the Dixie Mafia, godfathers and governors forge Faustian deals in an unholy trinity of politics, crime, and business. Treachery and betrayal make for a toxic stew in the halls of Congress, the inner sanctums of the White House, and the hollow boardrooms of corporate America. All the things that go bump in the night become real, and monsters come out of the shadows.

A Southern Gothic nightmare plays out in the Michael Parker series—graveyards, gangsters, murder, mayhem, corruption, seduction, love lost and found, faith, and redemption.  Read the books Hollywood can't stop talking about, and English teachers have made required reading for English students in middle schools, high schools, and colleges.

Merle Temple Signs Deputy

The Michael Parker Series

Under Contract with X-G Productions for a Proposed TV Series

Signed by the Author $15

Blood on the Ground,
Signed by the Author $15

A Ghostly Shade of Pale,
Signed by the Author $15

A Rented World,
Signed by the Author $15

The Redeemed,
Signed by the Author $15

All Prices Include Shipping The Complete Michael Parker Series,
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Book Reviews

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"His works speak like parables to a lost world."
- Peggy Thomas, English instructor

"Collison of the Divine with the desperate and dangerous."
- Christian Talk That Rocks

"The books chronicle a series of stranger than fiction historical events that only Merle could write about with such authenticity, because he lived them. His writing is so cinematic that a movie or TV series leaps off the pages."
- Jim Clemente, X-G Productions, Criminal Minds, Hollywood

"All the extreme emotions and human qualities are invoked: repentance, purity, revenge, honesty, malice, regret and redemption cry out to us for that of the Greek warrior, a journey of wandering, omens, tragedies, friendships and, ultimately, a homecoming. Brimful of anger, passion, love and regret. As allegorical as it is actual...for the most part...his life story."
- Fully Booked, England

"To writing what Rembrandt was to art. Merle creates written masterpieces. A man on a mission."
-, Atlanta

"Should be sent around the world for all who want a second breakout of self-imposed prisons, to begin again."
- Southern Writers Magazine, Memphis

"A man who has seen it all. Temple serves up his heart, life, and failings on a platter. An unflinchingly honest, unseemly glimpse behind the tattered veil of personal and government greed, corruption, betrayal, but ultimately, redemption."
- (Atlanta)

"A master at delivering spiritual messages within secular bindings."
- K.B. Schaller, Indian Life newspaper

"God's power made perfect in weakness."
- J.J. Jasper, American Family Radio

Temple shadows his own harrowing history... a man desperate for something that he cannot identify. He is plunged to a bottom from which there is no direction but up – and no way but the Cross."
- Tupelo Daily Journal

"Best series of books I have read except for the Bible."
- Amazon Reader Review

"Goes from strength to strength. As thoughtful as you meet in fiction. Great writing, original plotting."
- Pattya, writer, retired teacher and lector at University of Rome

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Resurrection, Signed by the Author $25

Resurrection Coming Soon